Through listening, counsel and sharing of the ancient practices of healing and divination, I support people to evolve and live vibrantly. In these sacred meetings, we expand your state of mind from whatever has been blocked and open up to the cosmic forces of wisdom, healing, and Love. I help clients re-frame their life stories to embrace the lessons and challenges and transform them into healing. This is alchemy. It’s not about turning physical metal into gold, it’s about nurturing the dense parts of self with Love and integrating them, thus they are transformed. As we do this work, we shed the old and raise our frequency. I see my work as a part of a collective awakening of consciousness that now wants to live more fully. If you’re feeling the call to heal, expand, transform, get embodied, use your gifts, the step beyond fear, I would love to work with you and support your path.

Breathwork is a journey tool to re-connect to your spirit and heal. Sessions start with a check-in to identify a theme to address with the healing. I will lead you in a rhythmic breath that takes you out of your thinking mind and into your body, allowing you to feel your spirit. This is a deeply healing, re-connecting moment when you reach it. After the active breathing, there’s a period of deep rest to integrate. I use essential oils, music and sacred herbs like Sage & Palo Santo to assist your journey. This is an accessible way for anyone to reconnect, clear and up-level. The more we connect, the more familiar the expanded state becomes. We begin to live in a higher frequency.

Reiki is a gentle and compassionate healing energy. It balances all layers of your being– physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Hands are lightly placed or hovered over the body, focusing on the 7 energy centers. I often work with crystals in these sessions to direct and refine your energy. You’ll leave your treatment feeling refreshed, calm and grounded. Over time, Reiki helps tune your energy vibration to higher frequencies, allowing you to live completely from the Heart in day to day life.

Tarot readings are soul support sessions. We will look at what the Universe wants you to reflect on at this time through the oracle of the cards. We will start with a check-in and grounding meditation and then look at the cards. I’ll engage you in a dialogue with the symbolism to reveal answers from your heart.

Astrology is the symbolic language of the stars. We look at how your birth moment relates to your current stories. We can see challenges and gifts and get insight on how to integrate the energies. Destiny is not fixed, life is always choice based. I seek to touch on people’s purpose and essence of who they are to reconnect them to their heart.

All Sessions are $120 each / one hour

Divination & Healing Combo sessions available: choose Tarot -or- astrology with Breathwork -or- Reiki. $160 / 90 minutes.

CONTACT ME to schedule a session. Along with sessions in Brooklyn at Maha Rose, I am available for house calls. I have also done healing work and tarot readings at private events, parties and shops such as Urban Outfitters, Diesel and Well+Good in NYC.

“I am experiencing miraculous (both in immediacy and depth) benefits from our session. I am -in totality- “on”. — Lauren

“Your breathwork workshop was awesome. thank you!!!!! I haven’t felt that type of bliss for a long time.” –Bonnie