Soul Clouds

Describing the Moon is not the Moon. As an avid explorer of the subtle world, I have to be careful to not get stuck in equating my experience of seeing the Moon with a validating description of the Moon.

I wanted to write about “Ego” as it is understood in spiritual traditions. But I want to start off by liberating this paragraph from any comparisons to the past. The reader, filing through the mental filing cabinet, searching for a match in the cluttered inner world of ideas, dreams & the X-file of life’s mysteries.

These clouds are natural. But they call to be clarified. Each Soul is growing, learning, clarifying, becoming exactly it’s essence.

I love the spiritual traditions of the World, there’s so much beauty and truth in them for me. I’m riffing on ancient symbols, metaphors and teaching to make them my own. Because there are infinite ways to put things together. Every being is made up of the same ingredients, but comes out completely unique! How is that?! The Universe is an infinite re-mixing of the parts. In it, we can always know the basic Truth, and always discover new ways they fit together.

The Sufis talked of “polishing the inner mirror of the heart”.
Buddhas sat to become empty, again.
Yogis use practices to re-harmonize to the rhythm of the cosmic whole, Om.

All these paths share the desire to return to what we actually are by entering the space of practicing being in that state, again.

Fake it until you make it.
The practice is the experience, until you don’t have to practice anymore.

I love entering the heightened state of an activated energy body, feeling connected and magical. I do this through many ways. Wanting to be in that space is number 1 — it really is an inner creation, calling it in, creating a sacred space, making time to practice, dreaming an experience up and executing it. We become the wizards of our own reality, shifting things to align with our heart and purpose— to reflect cosmic energy. To mirror the infinite energy of Creation. To be part of the Universe, to express, to be.

Clouds that make us hazy get dispersed as we connect more to the inner Sun that is always there.

There is awareness underneath the thoughts and feelings of everyday life. There is infinite space, freedom, ablue cloudless sky that wraps around 360° in all directions and dimensions. Why do we dwell on the clouds that float on the surface of this infinite space?! So, I ask you to honor the clouds as they change shape and speed, and know that you are so much more, and to connect to your hugeness. <3 <3

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