ASTRO DATE * A new Experiential Astrology Healing Offering*

I love spending time one on one connecting heart to heart with people. As my astrology practice is blossoming, I am inspired to share this wisdom in an innovative container of an experience.

My vision is that we
1) touch base in person, via phone or email regarding your current life questions and you give me your birth data (time & location of your birth)

2) I will brainstorm potential *dates* that align symbolically with the current transits of your chart. For example:

  • A walk and exploration through the library
  • Spa Castle
  • A roundtrip train ride together up the Hudson River
  • A hike Upstate
  • Sky Diving
  • Natural History Museum
  • Ashram visit
  • Farm visit
  • A delicious meal or snack place
  • A boat ride

3) I will give you some options and estimated budgets for the date, along with my $120 energy exchange for preparing and sharing your chart.

4) We set a time, aligned with astrological timing that will support the date’s intention.

please contact me to begin designing this sacred friendship approach to learning about your chart and current strategies for maximizing your potential!

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