Cordless Impact Wrench

Electrical impact wrenches for home mechanics have been available for many years, but now even a cordless impact wrench might be powerful enough for your needs…

You won’t find a cordless impact wrench in a professional mechanic’s workshop, but for the home user on a budget who only has occasional use for an impact wrench, these lightweight yes sometimes rather expensive tools can be just the ticket!

The first question most people ask about cordless impact wrenches is, do they have power comparable to a proper air impact wrench? Well the answer is yes – a good cordless impact wrench has enough grunt to take on the mighty air wrench.

However, that power does come at a price. The lower end budget models simply don’t have as much power as an equivalent sized air impact wrench, but they are still useful tools for light use. A budget cordless wrench such as the SIP 06756 is certainly worth the money for the home enthusiast on a budget who doesn’t need the power of a top performer.

The top end of the range however, such as the Sealey CP1502 or the Makita 6918 DWDE really are strong competition for an air wrench, but without the cost and hassle of a compressor and lines. In fact, these models are quite powerful enough to be used in a professional environment, with good battery life, plenty of power, and a heavy construction which will live up to the task.

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